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Female to Male body Massage in Laxmi Nagar
Are you looking for Full Body to Body Massage in Delhi  Price Laxmi Nagar at best price for men by women  then Body to Body Massage in Delhi  Price would be the perfect choice because we are maintaining strong brand name in the Indian market,  our renowned body massage centre is situated in the heart of New Delhi and also we are providing luxury body massage services in  our Laxmi Nagar Branch also successfully initiated these services in our other branches areas like Pandev nagar, Preet Vihar and Nirman Vihar, as Naina body massage parlour in laxmi nagar official timings are from 11am to 10 Pm (All Seven Days). We are authentic and genuine body to body massage service provider in Delhi NCR market as we have success rate of 99.87 % with 89365 Percent customer retention as well as customer satisfaction rate by professional survey team in 2017-18.

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  • Flexible & Reliable payment modes Options
  • Competitive price and rates
  • Excellent client satisfaction

Naina Body Massage, New Delhi make sure that our client and customers gets the best body massage services in the industry as are using high quality technologies  so that our customers get the world class body massage services and experience . You can book your appointment at any point of time for any upcoming date also you can 5 body massage packages at Rupees 5000 Rupees only. We are providing safe and secure place where you can full all your desired while taking body massage experience.

Naina Body Massage is one of the most delightful and relaxing experiences is receiving a Full Body To Body Massage in Delhi NCR. All the built up tensions, anxieties and stresses start to melt away as the massage is performed. When public think of Body Massages by Female therapist, they think of a Female massage therapist working them to calm and relaxing music. We have something very special about a massage from a trained specialist. Another effective alternative to a massage therapist is a massage chair. Interestingly, most people think of a Body Massage as a luxury. In some cases it certainly is a luxury. However, the impression people have is that massage chairs are expensive. And they are right if you only look at the price tag and not the lifetime value of the massage chair. A massage chair is actually the most cost effective massage treatment available. It can run as little as a dollar a day and no tip required. Now, most people think massage recliners just massage your back. In reality, massage chairs perform whole body massages.

You do not have to go to the spa to relax, if you have the Naina Body to Body massage services at your near by locality Rohini and Pitampura. The Naina Body to Body massageprovides a thorough full body massage from your head to your toes. Additionally, the Naina Body to Body massage comes with full body heat, where you can apply heat in the back, seat and the leg rest. The Naina Body to Body massage Premier has a built in MP4 & 3 player so you can put on the included headphones and relax to your favorite music during the Erotic Body massage. This recliner also has a music management function. This function will massage you to the rhythm of your music. The features that are being added into massage chairs increases every year. The massage programs keep getting more varied and include many more techniques like Bangkok, Hawaiian, Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu and many more. More complimentary functions are being added such as lower body traction which extends the muscles and ligaments of the lower body. The back massage rollers contain more finger-like mechanisms that replicate the movements of hands. The technology keeps advancing and coupled with software has produced a tremendous variety of massage therapies. If you have never tried a massage chair, you definitely should. Most people are surprised at how effective it delivers massage therapy. If you have not had a full body massage, then you are really in for a treat. Sometimes there is some discomfort as you start to relax your muscles that have not been touched in a long time. Let the massage penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue. This is always a good gage of your stress level to see if the massage makes a little bit. This is especially true if you have not had one in a while. A whole body massage  by Naina Body to Body massage will help change your attitude and get your body reinvigorated. Let a massage chair deliver a whole body massage to you in your own home.

Naina Body Massage achievement and goodwill based on our dedicated team of experienced, trained professionals staff. Our all professionals female therapist works with full devotion and complete determination. We are offering various payment option so that you won’t face any difficulty while making the payments.  Since 2014 we have started providng whatsapp images of your staff so that you can book your massage therapist over the phone only.


Therapy Duration List Price Offer Price
Body to Body Massage 60 Mins Rs. 1800 Rs. 1500
Sandwich Massage Services 90 Mins Rs. 2200 Rs. 2100
Balinese Massage Services 60 Mins Rs. 3200 Rs. 2200
Deep Tissue Massage Services 60 Mins Rs. 3200 Rs. 2100
Swedish Massage Services 60 Mins Rs. 3800 Rs. 1800
Chocolate Massage Services 60 Mins Rs. 3100 Rs. 1900
Thai Massage Services 60 Mins Rs. 3800 Rs. 1800
Aroma Therapy Services 45 Mins Rs. 2200 Rs. 1800
Couple Massage Services 65 Mins Rs. 3000 Rs. 2000



Day of the Week Hours
Monday 11:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM  – 09:00 PM

Note: Feel Free to call any point of time to book you appointment and if you are willing to book your massage with your desired female therapist then please provide the Name of that particular masseur.

Taking a body massage by a trained therapist not only improves your health problem but even improves sexual life, married life, official life and personal.



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